Beware of free Robux generator scams

The internet has been helpful to many people, especially to those who are making money online. However, it’s not always about the good things. Many bad events happen online, including fraud, scams, identity theft, cybercrimes, and a lot more. If you are not careful online, you will end up getting fooled by someone who knows the ins and outs of the internet better than you. For example, if you are a player of Roblox or other online games, you might have heard about free generators giving rewards and points. While some players think that free Robux generators are legit, we are inclined to believe otherwise. Let’s show you why.

What is a free Robux generator?

A free Robux generator is an online machine that allegedly gives free Robux for free. Many websites are advertising generators like this one, not only for Robux. For example, there are those who claimed to be giving free PayPal money, Xbox rewards, etc. As you explore your favorite online games and search for free items on Google, you will encounter this type of generator. Most of them would ask for your phone number so they can send codes before you can claim your points or rewards. Some are also asking users to complete a survey, download games, or play videos before accessing the online generator.

But, is a free Robux generator legit?

Why you should beware of free Robux generators online

To answer the main question, a free Robux generator is not legit. You won’t get free rewards or gift cards using these generators, and you should be aware of that. For your safety, here are the reasons why you should avoid them.

Free Robux generators will ask for your personal details.
By now, we bet you already know how important keeping your personal details is. The internet is a big world for all kinds of people, including criminals and theft. If you are not careful, you will end up losing the most valuable assets in your life, including your personal data.

You should be aware of free Robux generators online because they will ask for your personal details, and they require it before you can access the generator, which is a lie. Even if you give them your name, address, and phone number, you won’t get access to the generator. Why? Because there is no legit generator in the first place. Once you have provided your personal details, you can never undo them. You give your credentials, but you never got anything in return.

  1. Free Robux generators can be used to steal your identity.

Since you are basically providing your personal details to these generators, the people behind them could use your details for cybercrimes. They could use your personal details to scam people or even use your bank or credit card if you provided them with the information! The internet is a scary place for innocents. You really have to know what you are dealing with. Else, you are allowing these people to steal your identity and use them for crimes like theft and scam. If you don’t want your identity to get stolen, don’t use a free Robux generator!

  1. Doing simple tasks without rewards

Another reason why online generators are scams is that they only let you do simple tasks without giving you access to the generator. For example, when you try to search Google for a free Robux generator, you will see a couple of websites advertising that they are giving away free Robux. If you try to use it, you will need to do “steps” before you go to the generator. These steps include answering a series of surveys that don’t seem to end, downloading applications, watching videos, and playing games. Even after reaching the end of these steps, you won’t get access to the free generator because they don’t exist.

So, what are those surveys, apps, videos, and games for? There is a high probability that you are doing these “favors” for free for the people behind the alleged online generator. Since you are not getting access to the generator, you are completing simple tasks for them without getting something in return. For people who are valuing their time, this is a big deal. Why would you waste your time doing things for people you don’t even know? Worst, you might end up doing the same process repeatedly in the hopes that you can access the generator if you try several times.

  1. These free Robux generators may be owned by hackers.

While this is just an assumption, you will never know. Hackers will do everything to steal or scam people. You will never know what they are doing while you are hopelessly trying to access the free generator. In worst cases, they may be trying to access your computer without your knowledge. What if you have your personal details saved on your computer? What if they use it to do cybercrimes, and you end up taking the blame? Hackers nowadays are creative. If you don’t want to encounter them online, stop hoping that these generators will give you free Robux.

What can you do instead?

Free Robux generators are scam. They don’t provide Robux even if you answer hundreds of surveys a day. But, wait. There are alternatives. You can actually find websites that provide rewards and points for those who finish simple admin tasks like answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, and downloading applications. Platforms like Swagbucks and LifePoints are paying their users with rewards. Users can then exchange these rewards or points for Robux.


There is no easy way to get a free item online unless someone is giving it to you for free. Instead of using fake online Robux generators, why not use your time to complete simple admin tasks and get rewarded by points? Having Robux is a slow grind. You have to exert an effort so you can get rewarded even without using money to pay for it. You can get free Robux but you have to work on it.

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