Guide on How to Get Roblox Robux

Roblox is one of the most fun and popular games in the world. As you probably already know, Robux is the currency that powers all of the thousands of games that make up the Roblox universe. Robux is extremely valuable and can elevate the amount of fun you have when playing the game. Below in this article, we will teach you how to get free Robux.

How to Get Robux

Using Roblox Premium (Builder’s Club)

Roblox Builder’s Club now known as Roblox Premium (since September 2019) is a monthly paid-for subscription that you can get in Roblox. You can get this by asking your parents or carers nicely to buy you this premium plan either online using their credit cards or through gift cards bought from major stores in the country where you live.

The benefit of Roblox Premium is that you are able to receive free Robux every day that you happen to log in. Thus awarding the most active and dedicated Roblox players. Yet, there will be days that you may not be able to log in, which at times will hinder your ability to be rewarded Robux for the game that you love.

There is also a quick and easy way to get Roblox Premium. The Roblox team is known for running free trials of Roblox Premium/Builder’s club. By doing this even if you do not end up actually purchasing the premium plan you will still get a bunch of free Robux along with the other benefits that come with Roblox Premium. The downside of all this however is that it is only a temporary source of Robux as free trials tend to be available just a few times every couple of years. To add to this, once you use a free trial you will not be able to activate it on the same account.

Selling Items

Another option of making Robux is by selling in-game Roblox items. In order to do this, first, you have to have Roblox Premium membership which is a topic that we briefly touched upon above. Therefore it may not be a suitable option for those of us that are not willing to pay money for the game that we love.

Furthermore, it is not very efficient, there are two ways to make Robux by selling items. The first way is by getting hold of sought-after items or alternatively making those items yourself. Regardless of which one you go with, you are not going to make large amounts of consistent earnings for it to be worth it.

Rare collectibles that cost a lot of Robux are very hard to come by. Therefore if you have never sold any items you may make a sizable proportion of Robux. However, after that, you will likely have to wait many more months until you receive more rare items if you are lucky. You could try to do some trading by buying items that you then try to sell for more. This is a risky endeavor, that can even result in you losing Robux if no one wants to buy your items.

On the other hand, if you are selling items in Roblox that you are creating will require you to put in considerable effort in order to make great items that people actually want to spend money on. It is not realistic for you to think that you can make an item and make a lot of Robux. It will actually take hundreds of hours of practice before you see even a small level of sales. Due to this, many players will find that it is very time-consuming to create items that may not even bring them any profit in the form of Robux.


To conclude, using Robux is the perfect way to broaden your horizons on what you can do when playing Roblox. If you are a young person or simply do not want to spend your precious time and money on acquiring Robux then using a Robux online generator is the best option for you. Overall it is by far the better option for getting Robux when compared to Roblox Premium and selling in-game Roblox items which are both very labor-intensive and require real-world money.

Thanks to the fact that the free Roblox online generator is based online means that you can use it regardless of what type of device and operating system you happen to have access to. In addition, it is totally safe and easy to use. You will be able to quickly figure out how to properly use this generator without any risk whatsoever of your Roblox account being banned. We provide a 100% guarantee in regards to this.

For us, it is not about the money, but it is about helping our fellow Roblox players to have access to parts of the game that they will not be able to experience unless they spent real money.

So if you are excited about getting your hands on some Robux then look no further as by using our online Robux generator you can do just that!

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