Roblox Beginners Guide

Lately, we have noticed that Roblox has become more popular than ever before. It’s undeniable that Roblox stands as one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store. Not only that, Roblox has received more prominences popularity amongst young users around the world. Furthermore, more and more people are talking about this game, too. However, you are not late if you want to embrace the world of Roblox’s games. But before you will make the decision, we would like to introduce you to the helpful Roblox beginners guide, so that you might make better decision before you step into it with more detailed information.

First of all, What is Roblox?

Before we get into the point, we would like you to think of a video game which can be distributed to other individuals. Moreover, it’s a video game that you can design a real game, and it’s undeniable that it’s Roblox. I believe that nearly everyone has seen or heard this extraordinary video game since it’s so popular amongst gamers. To make it simple to understand, Roblox is a game generation system which can be played with others or solo. In other words, this modern gaming platform offers users special opportunity to create their own game they like for anyone to play with such amazing software. Of course, players can join many other separate worlds of games created by hundreds of players using Roblox’s software. Notice that, in 2005 Roblox was initially unleashed for playing in PC. In 2006, Roblox was officially opened and has gained more and more players thus far.

In short, Roblox is an amazing platform which enable young users to imagine, create and interact with many other players via this incredible 3D world as well. Thus far, we have noticed that most kids have more interest in playing the game called Superhero training, obstacle courses as well as hide-and-seek, etc. Well, I can say that young people as well as kids will remain intuitive and creative in learning so fast and choosing tougher challenges in the games to play.

Is Roblox really safe or trusted?

Well, I can say that Roblox is 99% safe as it’s a great gaming platform specially made for kids. Not only that parents have no worry since they can tailor what they want their kids to consume in the game platform. Moreover, the company will immediately ban any user going against the T&Cs of the company.
Notice that, Roblox also has membership in many different institutes and programs which are concerned with children’s safety on the internet as well.

Roblox is 100% Free, isn’t it?

Well, the answer is YES. It’s FREE and Roblox doesn’t charge any bug to create an account. Here, you can choose from many builder club which you can include in your kid’s account if you want. Be informed that Builder’s Club is a Subscription payable monthly system offering your account a wide range of things you need. Firstly, you will receive a monthly bonus of Robux. Be aware that Robux is the onscreen currency which can be used to buy and sell things created by you or others in the gaming platform. Furthermore, gamers may be able to use the Robux to obtain awesome items which can be used to the avatar in the games.

Where can we play the Roblox game?

Lately, we find Roblox games to play on a wide range of platforms. No matter you are currently using Windows or Mac computers, you are able to play Roblox games. Well, you can start using the emulator Blue Stacks in case you want to experience a new level of the game. It’s so easy. You will need to install the software on your Personal Computer, searching Roblox on the Play Store. Be informed that Blue Stacks comes with great features. And, Multi-Instance Synce being one of the leading features allowing you to do the repetition and recording.
In addition to Desktop, of course, you can find Roblox on mobile units such as Android as well. It’s easier than ever before. You can play Roblox anytime, anywhere you want with your devices connected to the internet.

Unlike others, Roblox can be monetized

Of course, it’s different from other normal games, Roblox offers chance to you to monetize the games you play. More importantly, you can create your own games with Roblox. When other players play the games you create, of course, you will get gaid in the form of Robux. At the end of the month, you will end up with real cash undeniably. Anyways, it’s really a good thing that you can make extra money while playing games. If you want to earn more from your gaming experience, you can participate in the builder’s club. And, this is such a great motivation to push you on even in tough stages.

Do you know how to play Roblox game?

First of all, you have two choices. Whether you are a creator or player, thus, playing Roblox game is just an easy task. Not only that, you will a Roblox studio if you are a video developer and you can develop video games you like whenever you want. You will need to follow a few steps if you want to be successful in playing Roblox games. And, this is a must that you will need to follow, particularly for those who want to improve their capacity of playing games.

Let’s keep it simple and easy. First of all, you will need to install the game software in your PC. Then, sign up and simply create your own account right before you get to sign in to the game. What you will need to fill next are your birthday, username, gender, etc. At this point, you will need to use different characters by using numbers, letters, so that it’s easy for you to create the uniqueness. When you finish the registration step, you will be directed to the new game tab showing attracting title in Roblox. Be informed that Roblox comes with 5 different tabs, such as:

  1. Home tab: used for customizing the games that you prefer as well as your profile
  2. Games tab: for displaying all title on Roblox games
  3. Avatar tab: used for customizing Roblox Avatar and buying items in the game
  4. Chat tab: used for chatting or sending message to your teammates in the game
  5. A few more tabs containing ongoing events, game setting, your inventory, etc.

After being aware of all tabs, it’s a good idea to get to the Avatar tab since this special tab simply enable you to personalize your own Roblox Avatar. Simply click on the customize option, you will get to a new menu with many other options such as body, emotes, etc. If you are the person who love creating character, of course, you might be falling in love with creating multiple characters that you love.

After getting finished with the customizing the process, of course, you will get to many other game tabs, and you will see various categories. Actually, these categories are Recommended for You, Most Engaging, Popular, Up-and-Coming, Play together, Top Rated, learn & Explore, Featured, etc. Obviously, Roblox has 17 categories in total.

At the fist glace after looking at the Games Tab, this first thing you will see are title and thumbnails keeping you on the knowhow of what each game is all about which is easy for you to understand. There are several numbers that are important for you to remember. Well, the one located at the left side is a thumps-up icon which show the number of people who have liked the game that you are interested in. While the right one comes with a person icon showing the number of people who have played the game thus far. It’s also easy for beginners to find out which one is a good game for them to play by simply clicking on the one with higher like number and higher number of players.

Here, you will get a pop-up with all whole details of the game whenever you hit the click on the title of the game. Soon after clicking on the green button, you will be able to play the game. Be informed that it simply means that you will need to pay some amount of money in order to unlock it when you see a number indicated on the top of the green button as it’s not free at all. Soon later, you will be directed to the game server after clicking on the green button. For those using mobiles, the screen orientation will change to the landscape automatically in the purpose of better play. You will notice that each game in Roblox comes with a different set of rules to follow. It’s so easy for anyone to play.

Below are Free Games that you can find in Roblox

It’s certain that you can’t get to exploit every game in Roblox since it’s hundreds of games. Anyways, if you are a beginner, we have arranged a list of games that you can start to play easily.

  1. Adopt me
    I think you will never get enough of Adopt me, if you know well the Old Tamagotchi unit, particularly the way it pans out and works. Of course, it’s so simple and easy, even your children can do it. In other words, I would like to call it a hands-free game since it’s so easy to play, while you only need to dress adorable pets. Moreover, you can create close friendship and personalize your house easily.
  1. Brookhaven RP
    Actually, this is a great and astonishing game involved with hanging out and becoming super rich. It’s so funny to say that you can have a chance to become the owner of many super cars, residences, especially opportunity to interact with lots of celebrities. Not only that, the games also come with a 100% rating as well.
  1. Hide & Seek Extreme
    Here is one another game, and its rules are so simple. Well, the reason it’s quite simple is because one player will be selected randomly to be it. Then, it will have to look for many other players. It’s just like that.
  1. Murder Mystery 2
    Well, this game is also simple. The game simply comes along with rules which are the same as the one called Hide & Seek Extreme. But the difference is that it’s a bit more weapons and vicious. Actually, you will be hunted if you don’t hunt in the game on time. And, this is just a simple rule of the game, Murder Mystery 2.
    Last but not least, I think I have offered you nearly everything you need as well as the information related to Roblox. And, I think that stepping on the Roblox game should not be a big trouble. Of course, It should something exciting and rewarding. Let’s get started by creating your free account and show off your talent to the world.

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